Razorpay Frontend Engineer interview experience

Razorpay Frontend Engineer interview experience


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Hello everyone,

I'm Apoorv Taneja, a final year student at LNMIIT, Jaipur. I'm currently working as an SWE intern at InnovAccer. In today's blog, I'll be sharing my interview experience at Razorpay for a Frontend Engineer position.

In the end, I have also mentioned the resources which helped me a lot to prepare for the Interview.

How it started?

It started back in December 2020, I was scrolling Twitter and then came across a tweet by Sandesh regarding a Frontend Engineer position at Razorpay. I immediately DM'ed him asking if being a fresher can I apply for this position?

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He immediately replied to my message and asked to share my resume.

Almost after a month, I got a call from HR and she asked a few questions regarding my previous internship experiences and projects. Soon after the call, I got a mail regarding the Interview rounds. All the rounds were scheduled after a week.

Interview rounds

In total there were 4 rounds.

  • Tech deep dive round ( 1 Hour )
  • Coding round ( 1.5 Hour )
  • Core JavaScript / Web fundamentals round ( 1 Hour )
  • Hiring manager round ( 1 Hour )

Let's talk about each round in detail.

1. Tech deep dive round

Platform : Google Meet

Being the first round, It started with an introduction and discussion about previous internship experiences. The interviewer asked me questions related to my projects, mostly about 'How I implemented a particular feature. In the last segment of this round, a few questions based on JavaScript fundamentals were also asked.

2. Coding round

Platform: CodeSandBox and Google Meet

This was a code pairing round. It started with an introduction and discussion regarding my past experiences. I was given a frontend task to implement on CodeSandBox. There were no restrictions on the framework. The difficulty level of the task was medium.

The interviewer was really helpful and friendly. He also guided me at a few steps when I was stuck.

3. Web fundamentals round

Platform: Google Meet

There were 2 interviewers in this round. Most of the questions were based on web security and core JavaScript. There were questions related to my side projects as well.

This round was mostly like a discussion. I really liked the questions based on web security.

4. Hiring manager round

This round was with the Director of Engineering. There were questions related to my previous experiences, software engineering principles. There was also a discussion around how I keep myself updated with the tech and area's I'm interested in.


I really liked the complete interview process at Razorpay. All the rounds were more like a discussion rather than Questions and Answer. This was the best thing. All the interviewers were really friendly and allowed me to ask questions at the end of each round.

I'll be joining Razorpay in July 2021 right after completing my internship at InnovAccer. I'm really excited to enter Tech World, meet new people and work on amazing technologies. ๐Ÿ’™


Apart from my projects and internship experiences. These resources really helped me to prepare for the interview.

  1. Akshay Saini - Interview Playlist

  2. React Security

  3. DevToolsTech

  4. Web.dev

Thank you for reading this. I always try to share my learning with the community, you can connect to me on Twitter, GitHub or LinkedIn. You can also subscribe to my newsletter for new blogs. ๐Ÿ˜„

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